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中台興化學工業股份有限公司消滅登革熱第一家環境衛生用藥廠商榮獲MIT微笑標章 2007-04-24

Chung Tai Sing,

the domestic professional environmental sanitation chemical producer, set up

 in 1969. The former is Chung Tai Pyrethrum Company,famous for

"Crocodile Coil" and "Pianchu Insecticide" both in Taiwan and overseas. Since

 the day set up,we have kept "Creating our better Environmental Sanitation,

Pursuing our healthier life" as our rule, insisted "Quality and Service" as what

we concern,and devoted ourselves to raise the comfort of people's living space,

 to reduce the worry of the insects. Due to our high quality products,the excellent 

brand image,and the customer-first service, we get many good and affirmative

 comments in these years.In R&D, in order to provide safer,greater products to

 public,we have a specialized team that put all effort to create the superior

insecticide. There are 6 branch department in Taiwan,so it will be more effective

 and complete to serve our customers.Recently years,for the sake of adjusting

 the trend of market,we keep finding new ways of doing thing from old theories

to matching the demand of different era. Now we produce Coil,Liquid Mosquito

Repellent,Fumigator,Insecticide,Rust Inhibitor Lubricant and Industrial oil etc.In

order to strengthen the structure of the enterprise, to promote the core of

competition, and to concrete all the staff, so we establish"

Quality, Safety and Management "

as the gold points to follow, the mission to 。

1 .Quality

It is customers that we view as the most important element for the enterprise to

survive. In the past 50 years, our products are affirmative and by the public,

because we stabilize the quality, the vital factor of a product, which should be

such excellent as the leader in the market. Not only do we expect ourselves to

 be the leading brand, but also we ask the whole staff to accelerate the quality

 of the product as the main point of quality management, furthermore, stretching

 the quality of operating, the quality of service, the promotion of performance

quality, in order to attain the realm of high quality.

2 .Safety

According to statistics, more 98% accidents are caused by careless, which

affect the most cases, environments and facilities. The more we do, the less

damage will happen. With a view to prevent the create a pleasant and safe

environment, we emphasize the importance of labor security and hygienic

management for all staff by educational training, and implementing the rules

of operation safety

3 .Management

There is no sunset enterprise, but only sunset management.

[Systematic management] [standardizing management],the only path that

enterprise can develop organization, is what we insist to pursue in order to

 improving our synergy, and keeping the quality of outstanding operation by

 following the company constitution

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